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Parameters Table

Material: Acetate, Metal, Titanium, TR, Ultem, PC
Style: Square, Round, Geometric, Butterfly, Cat Eye, Aviator
Features: Polarized, Anti-UV
User Group: Male, Female, Kids, Unisex
Lenses Color: Single color, Gradient, Coted


Plenty of stock available.

Size, materials, and style can be customized.

Rich supplier's resources can organize stocking.

Excellent designers, according to customers' preferences.

Experienced business team, providing worry-free services.

How to Customize Your Sunglasses

Sunglasses Style Design

Sunglasses is the best to protect our eyes in different bright light and fashion dress up for outdoor activities.

Not only the normal geometric design but also the trendy style like butterfly or cat-eye etc.

As demand continues to change, the function of sunglasses has also changed from the original function of shading, and now there are sunglasses with Bluetooth, polarized and prescription sunglasses.







Customizable Logo

SRegarding the Logo, we can customize it according to customer needs, or modify the customer's exclusive logo on the basis of the original design. Techniques such as printing, hot stamping or laser can be used.

Choice Popular Colors

Among the colors of sunglasses, the monochrome is the classic, the progressive color is the current public preference, and there are also coated sunglasses. It plays a very important role in protecting our eyes.

With the trend of fashion trends, sunglasses will become a must-have in everyday life.

  • Polarized

  • Gradient Color

  • Coated

We can design your products as long as you let us know your materials, models, and suitable group.

Problemas comunes
  • ¿Tiene más detalles del producto para mostrarme?
    Si necesita más detalles del producto, contáctenos.
  • ¿Puedo imprimir mi logo en las gafas?
    Por supuesto, puede imprimir cualquier Logo en las gafas.
  • ¿Para qué tipo de personas es adecuado este producto?
  • ¿Qué tal el material del marco de las gafas?
    El nuevo material TR90 es flexible y ligero. El nuevo material de acetato es duradero, no se deforma.
  • ¿Cuál es el tiempo de entrega?
    El material plástico es: 25 días, el metal es de 60 días, el acetato y la madera son 90 días.
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